He is GOOD

When we truly realize the goodness of God, that He is R E A L and is as active in our lives as we let Him be, that’s when things begin to change. That’s when we start seeing with our heart instead of our eyes. That’s when the reality of this world comes alive and the veil is lifted. He is here and He is GOOD!
We have not because we ask not. Step out in faith and put aside what you think you know about God. Let go of what you think church or religion is and get to know God for who He truly is. He adores you and is waiting to get to know you better.

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Rise Up That Sleeping Giant

This is not the time that we as women can lie spiritually dormant. RISE UP THAT SLEEPING GIANT inside of you. We have kingdom business to do. We are in a critical time in history where strong women with an Esther kind of faith are needed. Join the ranks of faith woman, pray for our nation, our leadership and the nations of the world. Stand up for what is right and choose love above all, lift up the broken hearted, help those who need help and fight for the purity and holiness of your child’s heart (do not just turn them loose into a Godless school system or set them in front of a screen).

RISE UP THAT SLEEPING GIANT inside you! God has equipped you with all you need to be the kind of woman you need to be in these last days – His mighty Holy Spirit.

And as Shakespeare said – though she be but little, she is fierce.

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Greatest Resource

if all of the sudden we no longer had the bible at our fingertips, would we feel as though we took advantage of the time it’s been sitting on our nightstand?  would it be engrained in our hearts and minds? or would we be crying out in regret for all times we could have been turning the pages, drinking in the written word of God?  are we taking for granted the greatest resource of our lives or tapping into it? some have given their lives for what many nonchalantly toss into a drawer to collect dust.


Free Indeed!

This week we are not remembering and telling a story in an old book, we are celebrating the reality of LIFE.  Thanks to Jesus we have life and life ETERNALLY with Him.  We are all such imperfect people who have messed up in ways too numerous to count but He paid the price we never could.  Can you imagine someone paying your speeding ticket or taking your place overnight in jail if you broke the law? That would leave you speechless and beyond grateful.  Well Jesus did SO much more than that, He took your death sentence and served your time.  Not only that, He’s prepared the finest place for you in Heaven with the King of Kings.  That’s the kind of God we serve!! No judge or jury on this planet is going to give you treatment like that.  All he requires is you falling on your knees and pleading your guilt that you are not perfect and you need Him to wash away your sins and set you free like only He can.  And just like that… you are FREE.   I’m so thankful for the cross!

I was going to wait to share this video till later this week but I cannot get the song out of my head and I want you all to be able to enjoy it this week as much as I will be.  Have a super blessed week.

Second Chances

Don’t you love that God is a God of second chances? Because some of the people who have had the greatest “God” experiences have also had the most ugly dark screw ups in their lives too- King David the adulterer, Rahab the prositute, Moses the murderer- but God saw something great in them and he saw beyond their mistakes and He saw something beautiful, something that he could work with and He sees that in you and me too. I’m so glad that God is a God of second and third and fourth chances aren’t you? I’m so glad he’s called us out of darkness and into the light! I’m so glad he saw past my ugly and saw something beautiful. No matter what you’ve done, no matter what you’re going through today God still finds you worth the ultimate sacrifice. Aren’t you thankful for the cross?


Excuse Me, But You Have The Wrong Family!

When something rises against you and you know that you have been redeemed from it, keep standing against it. Now is n o t the time to quit and give up on Gods promises. The waves may crash all around you but when your eyes are fixed on Jesus YOU WILL NOT SINK! I woke up at 4am this morning and said to the devil, “you’ve messed with the wrong family!” And I’m not talking about my 5,  I’m talking about the fact that my family is in the bloodline of


Where the blood is there’s h e a l i n g and there is l i f e and there is  h o p e and there is r e s t o r a t i o n and an amazing future! I’m keeping this vague because instead of focusing on what woke me up at 4am, think about what the devil’s been gnawing at your gut about and tell him “You’ve messed with the wrong family! I’m in the bloodline of Christ and you of all people know what that means!” And then thank God for whatever it is you need in your life, whether it be healing, restoration of marriage, your child to come home, depression to leave your mind, your financial situation to turn around, a loved one to see the L i G h T.  Thank Him in advance for it coming to pass and go about your day with J O Y or if you’re in bed, close your eyes and go to sleep in peace knowing that it is DONE.  And everyday till you see the manifestation of your promise you keep thanking God for your answer and your keep reminding the devil of his place.

Jesus said to them,  I am the bread of Life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever B E L I E VE S  in me  shall never thirst.   John 6:32


Happy Sunday friends.

Let Hope Rise

Remember this morning I posted the scripture “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14”?

Well I’ve been waiting on him 8 months for something. EIGHT MONTHS!! 8 months when most days I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt He was gonna come through for me and some days I felt like maybe He didn’t hear my prayers at all and through all of those days I still picked up His word and reminded myself that He is God and will move Heaven and Earth on my behalf if need be to come to my rescue. 

And today He did… and all I can do is cry and give thanks over and over because it’s not something small it’s something HUGE. And it didn’t come in the way I expected (and it usually doesn’t) but it happened and is happening and He is faithful and that’s all that matters. Thank you Father! This heart is dancing at your faithfulness. 

And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony
Revelation 12:1110015646_10202735967993416_2028761795_n

Looking for glimpses of Heaven in everyday life