Excuse Me, But You Have The Wrong Family!

When something rises against you and you know that you have been redeemed from it, keep standing against it. Now is n o t the time to quit and give up on Gods promises. The waves may crash all around you but when your eyes are fixed on Jesus YOU WILL NOT SINK! I woke up at 4am this morning and said to the devil, “you’ve messed with the wrong family!” And I’m not talking about my 5,  I’m talking about the fact that my family is in the bloodline of


Where the blood is there’s h e a l i n g and there is l i f e and there is  h o p e and there is r e s t o r a t i o n and an amazing future! I’m keeping this vague because instead of focusing on what woke me up at 4am, think about what the devil’s been gnawing at your gut about and tell him “You’ve messed with the wrong family! I’m in the bloodline of Christ and you of all people know what that means!” And then thank God for whatever it is you need in your life, whether it be healing, restoration of marriage, your child to come home, depression to leave your mind, your financial situation to turn around, a loved one to see the L i G h T.  Thank Him in advance for it coming to pass and go about your day with J O Y or if you’re in bed, close your eyes and go to sleep in peace knowing that it is DONE.  And everyday till you see the manifestation of your promise you keep thanking God for your answer and your keep reminding the devil of his place.

Jesus said to them,  I am the bread of Life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever B E L I E VE S  in me  shall never thirst.   John 6:32


Happy Sunday friends.


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